Your baby is unique, very precious and deserving of early childhood care, development and education that is respectful and closely aligned with how you care for them at home. Baby care is not the same as caring for toddlers or preschoolers because the needs of this age group are quite different.

Babies need regular, gentle moments of care, throughout the day, that are responsive to their world, and that establish strong connections, trust and loving relationships.  You’ll find our teachers are emotionally present and in tune with your baby and so provide care that is based on noticing your little one, recognizing what they are doing and what is happening in their day, and responding quickly and with consideration.

At this young age, your baby will be in the care of teachers who understand the critical role movement plays in brain development – that’s because all learning begins with the body, and is linked to movement. As your baby’s body is moving, it’s teaching the brain and movement is becoming more automated so your child’s mind is free to think and learn. The more your child moves, the more your child knows. 

At KinderCare, our baby care program:

  • Values our partnership with parents, to personalize your baby’s care and routines so your baby benefits when you are involved and we provide individualized care.
  • Provides regular, uninterrupted and unhurried time for your baby to explore and learn. This reduces stress on children and that benefits their social, emotional and brain development.
  • Pays attention to your infant to get to know and understand your baby so we’re able to share in their delight at the endless discoveries of the world around them. Your child will feel cherished and you’ll sense how much your child is cared for and loved. Developing this close relationship with your baby takes time, but it’s worth it because he/she will then settle, trust us and feel secure in our care.
  • Incorporates a rich blend of sensory interactions, because in your baby’s world, this is how they’re learning. So the more freedom and time they have to safely move and explore, the more creative the environment, the more they’re learning. The floor is your child’s experimental lab for learning – so we provide experiences, natural resources, spaces and opportunities for your infant to touch, manipulate, listen and to observe.
  • Develops one-to-one connections – this is achieved by the teacher’s body language and gestures that take their cue from your little one. Through eye contact, laughter, rocking, talking and having fun, your baby is not only bonding with their teachers, he/she is also developing their emerging communication skills.
  • Creates calm, predictable environments where your infant is given choices and experiences the security of familiar routines, lots of tenderness and cuddles and smooth transitions throughout their day.

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